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Back to the Moon: NASA's Artemis Moon Mission

This lecture is part of the Ritter Library “Our Place in Space: The Ongoing Adventures of Humanity Among the Stars” Lecture Series.

Featuring Jeffrey Woytach, NASA Glenn Research Center

Jeffrey Woytach, engineer at NASA Glenn, will present a lecture on NASA’s Artemis program to return humans to the moon. Named for the Greek god of the Moon and sister of Apollo, the Artemis system consists of an Orion spacecraft that will carry astronauts from Earth to lunar orbit and back, launched on the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. The SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built.

Artemis 1, launched on November 16, 2022, was a successful uncrewed Moon-orbiting mission. It returned on December 11, 2022. Artemis II is the second scheduled mission. It will be the first crewed mission of NASA's Orion spacecraft. It is currently planned to be in November 2024. The crewed Orion spacecraft will perform a lunar flyby and return to Earth.

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About "Our Place in Space"

The Earth is infinitesimal in the vastness of the cosmos: one planet amidst the unfathomable dimensions of the universe. This year’s Ritter Library series explores the progress we’ve made in understanding our cosmic neighborhood.

  • The first steps taken to reach the stars
  • Human firsts in space exploration
  • Robotics and their role
  • The current state of space exploration
  • Future aspirations

Join us as we explore Our Place in Space.