FAQs - Speech-Language Pathology

Admission Questions

When is the application deadline?

Candidates apply for admission to BW Speech-Language Pathology program using CSDCAS, the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service. The CSDCAS application for the 2021-22 cycle will open in August 2021. Candidates are admitted to the program on a rolling basis.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply?

It is recommended that candidates for the SLP program have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the major area of study and prerequisite coursework, and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.

Is there a required interview as part of the admission process?

No, individual interviews are not required as part of the admissions process. Specialized MS speech-language pathology program events will be held throughout the spring semester to allow for candidates to get better acquainted with all that BW offers. More information on these events will be shared soon.

Do I need to complete all the prerequisites before applying?

Candidates can still be in the process of completing their prerequisites while their applications are being approved by the admission committee. All prerequisite courses and observation hours must be completed before the program begins in August.

Does the program offer prerequisite waivers?

While it is the preference of the SLP program that all prerequisite courses be completed within the last five years, older prerequisite coursework may be considered from candidates who completed their bachelor’s degrees within the last five years. For more information, please contact Kirsten Bramley, admission counselor, at (440) 826-8005 or kbramley@bw.edu.

Is the GRE required and what is BW’s school code?

The GRE is not required as part of the admission process for BW’s SLP Program; however, if you have taken the GRE and would like to submit your scores BW’s code is 7005.

Is preference given to certain applicants?

No, the SLP program utilizes the same criteria to evaluate all candidates. Selection for the program is based on a combination of factors including academic performance, letters of recommendation, essay responses, multilingual abilities, research experience, etc.

Do you require shadowing hours?

Yes, all incoming students must complete a minimum of 25 guided observation hours in the area of speech-language pathology prior to enrollment in the graduate program.

Program Questions

How long is the program and is it offered online?

The SLP program is a two-year, full-time program that takes place over the course of five semesters and begins in August. This program cannot be taken online.

How many students are in each cohort?

The average cohort size for the SLP program is between 20-25 students.

Can I work while attending the SLP program?

Due to the intensity of coursework and program requirements, the SLP program does not encourage nor is it recommended that students work while in this full-time program.

Are graduate assistantships offered through the SLP program?

Limited graduate research assistantships are available for BW Speech-Language Pathology students. One-quarter tuition awards are offered for the graduate research assistantship. Learn more about assistantships

Is the trip to Zambia included in the overall program costs and is it required?

The trip to Zambia is included in the overall program costs – however, the cost of immunizations and passport must be paid out of pocket. While it is highly encouraged, students are not required to take the trip to Zambia. Regardless of whether a student chooses to participate in the trip to Zambia, the cost for the trip to Zambia is still included in the overall SLP program costs.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, incoming students may participate in a virtual Zambia experience where they will collaborate with community partners in Zambia, actively partake in interprofessional educational experiences and cultural exchanges, and have in-depth conversations with leaders in Zambia from a variety of disciplines.

What is your PRAXIS pass rate?

For the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 graduating cohorts of the SLP program, the PRAXIS pass rate was 100 percent.