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Physician Assistant - Tuition & Costs

Comprehensive Program Competitively Priced

BW's physician assistant program has a comprehensive cost of $85,000 for the cohort beginning May 2020. This includes tuition, electronic medical resources, consumable lab supplies and fees for the following:

  • Textbooks
  • One white lab coat, embroidered
  • PA medical bag with supplies
  • Stethoscope
  • Student parking (2 years)

View details for the above fees, out-of-pocket costs that can be expected and other costs covered by the PA program.

Billing and Payment Plans

Initial bills for each new semester will be mailed to the student in April, July and December. The University offers a monthly payment plan which may be utilized for the entire cost or any tuition not met by loans or other resources.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for physician assistant students is limited to the Federal Direct student loan program. These loans have features that make them particularly attractive, including low interest rates, deferred payment options and flexible repayment schedules.

Graduate PLUS loans are also available to help graduate students finance any remaining educational costs, including program costs and estimated living expenses not covered by other forms of aid.