Photo of Robert Wilson

Coordinator, MAEd in Science and Mathematics Teaching Programs
M.A., The Ohio State University

Robert Wilson

Photo of Robert WilsonCoordinator of MAEd in Science and Mathematics Teaching Programs

M.A., The Ohio State University

Robert Wilson is coordinator of the MAEd in science and mathematics teaching programs at Baldwin Wallace University. He teaches the MAEd Integrated Seminars and Science Teaching Methods courses for Mid-Child Education, Adolescent to Young Adult Education and Graduate Education students. He also coordinates the placement of science and mathematics teaching graduate students in partner schools, communicates the MAEd program goals and expectations with mentor teachers in the field, and assists the BW admission department in the interview process for the selection of future MAEd science and math program candidates.

Wilson serves as a supervisor to several internship and clinical practice candidates during their field experiences. He works directly with students as they develop into compassionate and competent educators, guiding them through the exciting times of teaching and the tough spots they may face in their clinical work.

He comes from an experience-base of teaching high school science for over 35 years, a clinical educator and mentor with The Ohio State University, trainer with Coalition of Essential Schools, Brown University, and trainer/instructor with Northeast Regional Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities, U.S. Department of Education.