Associate Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University

Stephen Tytko

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., M.S., Northwestern University
B.S., Baldwin Wallace University


Dr. Stephen Tytko earned a bachelor's degree from Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin Wallace University) and a doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry from Northwestern University under the guidance of Dr. Anthony G.M. Barrett. Since joining the faculty of Baldwin Wallace in 1993, Tytko has been teaching general chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry and organic spectroscopy. 

He has been a summer research fellow at NASA Lewis Research Center, the Ohio Aerospace Institute and the Liquid Crystal Institute. Tytko’s interest in the research laboratory is in the area of asymmetric synthetic methodology, particularly as relating to natural products.  Current projects include the use of chiral amine functionalized ionic liquids, chiral enamines and imines. Former students have had success in graduate schools, professional schools and industry.