Peggy Slavik headshot

Associate Professor
Core Mathematics Coordinator

Ph.D., Kent State University

Peggy Slavik

Peggy Slavik headshotAssociate Professor
Core Mathematics Coordinator

Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, Kent State University
M.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics Education, Miami University


(440) 826-6880,

I entered the field of mathematics education not only to teach but also to enthuse and inspire my students. I believe there are many students in our country, both traditional and non-traditional, who lack a sound education due to boredom, frustration or the inability to apply mathematics to their everyday lives. I strive to provide students with a supportive environment that enhances their intellectual growth, and I continually try to show them that with commitment and hard work they will be able to learn mathematics, understand it better and perhaps even enjoy it. Students must believe they have this capability and have a strong sense of self-efficacy about their ability to learn. While students need to be held accountable for their learning, it is my responsibility to help them in this endeavor.  


Students’ attitudes toward mathematics, technology in the mathematics classroom, quantitative reasoning, statistics education