Jared Pennington

Associate Dean, Health Sciences
Ph.D., Kent State University

Jared R. Pennington

Jared PenningtonAssociate Dean, Health Sciences

Ph.D., Kent State University
Drexel University
B.S., Drexel University



Jared Pennington Ph.D., PA-C, is associate dean and professor of health sciences. Dr. Pennington joined BW in 2012 as the founding director and chair of the physician assistant department. He is a graduate of the Hahnemann physician assistant program at Drexel University and has extensive experience as a practicing physician assistant in abdominal organ transplantation, emergency medicine and pediatric neurosurgery.

Dr. Pennington has taught as an adjunct instructor at Drexel University and The University of Akron prior to coming to BW. He received his doctoral degree from Kent State University under a specialization in health policy and management with research interests in outcomes associated with the Patient-Centered Medical Home model, strategic management of healthcare institutions, digital health strategies, vulnerable populations, and general health economics. He maintains his membership status with the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA), the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the American College of Healthcare Executives, and the American College of Epidemiology.

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Jared Pennington, Ph.D., PA-C

Expertise in the realm of physician assistant education along with population health management, health care spending, workforce management, and organizational structure of hospitals.