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Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University

Christian Nsiah

Christian Nsiah headshotProfessor

Ph.D., M.A., Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Christian Nsiah is a professor in the department of finance, economics, and analytics in the BW Carmel Boyer School of Business. Prior to BW, Nsiah was an associate professor of economics and finance at Black Hills State University, where he was also the coordinator of the economics and finance program for seven years.

Nsiah's specialty areas include international economics and finance and economic growth and development. He also engages in consulting work in economic impact analysis and international investments.

He is an avid researcher, and has published several articles and presented at many conferences, including an invited presentation at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Currently, Nsiah is working on analyzing nonlinear relationships in economic development, international trade, and corporate financial performance. Nsiah holds a doctorate in international economics from Middle Tennessee State University.

He currently serves as the secretary/treasurer for the African Finance and Economics Association. He also serves as an editor for Cogent Economics Journal and dissertation examiner for universities in Ghana, India, and South Africa.

Nsiah is also a three-time Olympian (1996, 2000, 2004). He sometimes serves as the head coach for the Ghana national track team (African Games, 2019; World Relays Championships, 2020; & World Championships, 2022).

Areas of Expertise

International finance & trade; international economics, economic development and growth of developing countries; regional economic development; financial modeling; and economic impact analysis.



  • Corporate and Organizational Finance (FNC 342)
  • International Financial Management (FNC 444i)
  • Intermediate Finance (FNC 446)
  • Financial Modeling (FNC 488)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECN 202)


  • International Financial Management (FNC 650)
  • Managerial Economics (FNC 581)
  • Financial Management 1 (FNC 548)

Scholarly Activities

Most Recent Publications

"Analyzing the Differential Impacts of Financial Sector Development on Remittances Inflows." With Chen Wu and Bichaka Fayissa), Research in Economics, October 19th, 2022. 

"Tourism Specialization, Growth Stage, and Economic Growth." With Herman Sahni and Bichaka Fayissa), Tourism Economics, 2022. 

"Institutional Quality, Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Africa." (With Herman Sahni and Bichaka Fayissa), Journal of African Development, 2021, Vol. 22(1), pp 7-37.

"The African Economic Growth Experience and Tourism Receipts: A Threshold Analysis and Quantile Regression Approach." (With Herman Sahni and Bichaka Fayissa), Tourism Economics, 2021, Vol 27(5), pp 915-932. 

"Reducing carbon dioxide emissions; does renewable energy matter?" (With Samuel Adams). Science of the Total Environment, 2019, Vol693, pp 133-288. 

"The Long-Run Impact of Financial Development on Remittances: Evidence from Developing Countries." (With Bichaka Fayissa and Chen Wu), Review of Economics & Finance, 2019, Vol. 16, pp 31-46.

"Trends in Agricultural Production Efficiency and Its Implications for Food Security in Sub-Saharan African Countries." (With Bichaka Fayissa). Forthcoming African Development Review, 2019, Vol. 31(1), pp. 28-42. 

"The Impact of Firm Financial Efficiency on Executive Compensation of the United States Apparel Stores Industry: An Application of Panel Data Envelopment Analysis." (with Herman Sahani). International Business Research, 2018, Canadian Center of Science and Education, Vol. 11(6), pp 165-184.

Book Chapters

Nsiah, C., and Fayissa, B. (2014). Remittances to Africa and Economics, The Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics. Publishing Group: AcTrade-UK. ISBN: 9780199687107. DOI:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199687107.013.045.

External Research Grants, Consulting, Contracts, and Awards

  • Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Ohio State Film Production Tax Credit on Cuyahoga County, Prepared for The Greater Cleveland Film Commission and the Cuyahoga County Economic Development Commission, Fall 2021.

  • Research and Analysis (Economic and Finance) on Call Consulting with Cuyahoga County OH, March 2021 – Present, $50,800

  • "Measuring the Economic Impact of the Deadwood Gondola Project." Sponsored by Deadwood Resorts Inc. (October 2014), $12,000.

  • "The Economic Impact of the Sturgis Motor-Cycle Rally." Sponsored by Black Hills Vision (May 2012), $35,000.