photo of Laura Hopkins

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Laura Hopkins

photo of Laura HopkinsAssistant Professor

Ph.D. The Ohio State University

M.S.P.H./R.D., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

B.S., Ohio University

Dr. Hopkins is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist in the state of Ohio and is a public health nutritionist by training. She teaches undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, including global health, prevention of chronic disease, and theories and practices in health promotion. She will also be developing nutrition-focused public health courses in the coming years.

Hopkins' research aims to improve food security and prevent nutrition-related diseases in underserved populations through community interventions and public policy targeted at health promotion activities, food environment modifications and sustainable food systems. Her research approach is mixed-method in nature, employing both quantitative and qualitative valuation, and includes both observational and experimental design.

She is active in the nutrition and public health professional communities, having held several leadership positions in local and national organizations. In 2017, Hopkins served as one of two national Science Policy Fellows within the American Society for Nutrition. She has published several research articles as well as presented at conferences both nationally and internationally.

Laura Hopkins, Ph.D.

Dr. Laura Hopkins is an assistant professor in the department of public health and prevention science as well as a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist with extensive training in public policy.

Her research focuses on food security and chronic disease prevention in vulnerable populations. She integrates several media platforms as outreach and intervention mechanisms in her research, such as mass text messaging platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.