Kathryn Flinn headshot

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Cornell University

Kathryn M. Flinn

Kathryn FlinnAssociate Professor of Biology

Post-doc, McGill University
Cornell University
B.S., College of William & Mary




Ecology, principles of biology II—ecology, evolution and diversity


Flinn completed postdoctoral research as a National Science Federation international fellow at McGill University.

Her research interest is plant ecology.  

For more information, visit Flinn's lab website.  Feel free to contact Flinn if you’re interested in becoming involved in research.

Faculty-student collaborative scholarship

Flinn, K.M., H.A.D. Kuhns*, J.L. Mikes*, E.V. Lonsdorf and J.K. Lake. Invasion and succession change the functional traits of serpentine plant communities. In review.

Flinn, K.M., J.L. Mikes* and H.A.D. Kuhns*. Invasion and tree encroachment threaten plant diversity and community composition in eastern North American serpentine barrens. In review.

Flinn, K.M., M.M. Loiacono* and H.E. Groff*. 2014. Low reproductive success of hay-scented fern (Dennstaedtia punctilobula) regardless of inbreeding level or time since disturbance. Botany 92: 911-915.

Flinn, K.M., J.L. Bechhofer* and M. Malcolm*. 2014. Little impact of the invasive shrub Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii DC) on forest understory plant communities. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 141: 217-224.

*Undergraduate authors starred