Introducing Bold BW

Bold BW: See differently. See opportunities. See impact.

Announcing BOLD BW, a campus-wide initiative to empower innovative thinking and transform the work we do with a relentless focus on student success.

This initiative provides BW faculty and staff with a platform to share and develop transformative ideas. Initially, we will build on the way we work together to develop an innovation ecosystem, with the practices, resources, and leadership support needed to transform ideas into reality and sustain innovative activity.

We encourage you to submit your ideas or work with colleagues to identify solutions to challenges or ways to take advantage of the opportunities you see.

Powered by the Center for Innovation & Growth and the Burton D. Morgan Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Get started! Faculty and staff can access events and ways to submit ideas through the Bold BW Blackboard organization.

Grow BW: learn the skills to build an innovation ecosystem

Focus BW: get the info and input to make an innovation plan

Invent BW: pitch your ideas and get the support to make it happen

Grow: Attend upcoming events that will help your thinking and inspire your ideas: Bold BW Blackboard Upcoming Programs.

Focus: Get the data and information you need to make your ideas come to life: Bold BW Blackboard Recorded Programs.

Invent: Present and share your ideas: Bold BW Blackboard Innovation Challenge.

Celebrate the Innovative Spirit

Here are the ideas and the people that have already contributed to Bold BW. Some ideas have moved forward, others have not, but together we are building a better BW.

Supported by Burton D. Morgan Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation    BW Center for Innovation & Growth