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The Baldwin Wallace University Human Resources and Payroll Services Department is committed to working as a strategic partner with all members of the campus community in supporting the mission of the University. The Department seeks to accomplish its mission by developing and delivering innovative human resource programs and payroll services, and by equitably and fairly administering University policies, procedures, guidelines and benefits. The department's core services and competencies include recruitment and staffing, employee relations, payroll services, employee training and development, compensation and benefits, information management, employee services, student employment and regulatory compliance.

Community and Standards of Conduct

Baldwin Wallace University is committed to academic and administrative excellence reflecting the highest standards of collegiality, personal integrity and ethical behavior. Therefore, BW requires that all members of the University community and its guests be treated with dignity and respect.

BW’s Community Standards of Conduct Policy has been established to assist all members of the University community—students, faculty and staff—in determining and applying appropriate conduct in performing their diverse roles. The University’s mission to assist students with their preparation to become caring, compassionate citizens can only be accomplished in a learning community where each member values, endorses and models the following principles.

Respect for Persons: All members of our university community will treat others equitably, honestly and with respect by exercising courtesy, consideration and responsiveness, and by avoiding behavior that might reasonably be perceived as harassing, bullying, belittling or intimidating.

Integrity: All members of our university community will exhibit personal honesty and uncompromising integrity in fulfilling University-related activities on and off-campus.

Diligence and Professionalism: All members of our campus community will carry out their duties in a professional and conscientious manner. They will make and implement official decisions faithfully and impartially. Each member of our community will pursue continuous improvement through lifelong learning with the goal of achieving the highest possible standards of performance and service.

Stewardship: All members of our University community have an obligation to effectively and efficiently use the University’s property, facilities and financial resources for legitimate University purposes, including maintaining security over those assets.

Respect for the Law and the University’s Governance System: All members of our University community will support the University’s mission, observe University policies and regulations, and adhere to all local, state and federal laws.

The Baldwin Wallace University Community Standards of Conduct policy has been endorsed by the President’s Council. All officers, students, faculty and staff of Baldwin Wallace University are expected to support the policy as a condition of affiliation with the University. Issues arising from this policy will be addressed through resolution procedures contained in the Faculty Manual, Employee Handbook and the Student Handbook.

Benefits for Full-Time Faculty and Staff

Baldwin Wallace University offers a comprehensive total compensation package for full-time faculty and staff. The following is a basic overview of benefits for individuals considering employment at Baldwin Wallace. More information can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources and Payroll Services Department at (440) 826-2220. The benefits listed below are subject to change.

Health and Dental Insurance Benefits

  • BW offers choice of either a PPO plan with Medical Mutual of Ohio - SuperMed Plus or an HMO with Kaiser Permanente. The University currently pays about 87% of the premium cost. Employee premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. All plans include dental insurance and prescription coverage.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Full-time employees can shelter up to $5,000 yearly to pay for uninsured medical expenses and $5,000 yearly for dependent care expenses.

Paid Time-Off Benefits
Full-time administrative and full-time support staff are eligible to earn up to:

  • 13-15 paid holidays per year
  • 12 days sick leave per year
  • 2-4 weeks annual vacation
  • bereavement leave and jury duty
  • parental leave

Retirement Benefits

  • Social Security: BW contributes 7.65% of all eligible wages in Social Security and Medicare taxes (F.I.C.A.)
  • TIAA/CREF: The University provides retirement benefits with the Teachers' Insurance and Annuity Association and its companion University Retirement Equities Fund. A new employee may join the University’s 403 (b) plan immediately. The University contributes 7% of base salary into the plan after the employee has worked for one year as long as the employee contributes at least 3%. Employee contributions are pre-tax and earnings grow tax-free until withdrawn. In certain cases, 403 (b)s and 401 (k)s from former employers may be rolled over into the University's retirement plan.

Tuition Waiver Benefits

  • All full-time employees and dependents are eligible at the first semester after hire for a waiver of 92% of tuition for any courses they take at Baldwin Wallace
  • The employee can only take 11 or fewer credit hours per semester to receive 92% waiver
  • The employee and spouse are also eligible for graduate tuition benefits; but dependent children receive waiver for only undergraduate work
  • No family may have more than the equivalent of two persons receiving this benefit at any one time
  • Graduate tuition benefits are considered taxable compensation

Income Protection Benefits

  • Life Insurance: The University pays the full premium for a $50,000 life insurance policy with a $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment rider.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance: Full-time employees may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage of up to $200,000. Coverage is also available for spouses, domestic partner and dependent children.
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Long-Term Disability is currently carried through Prudential and premiums are fully paid by the College.
  • Short-Term Disability: The University also the pays the full cost of a self-funded Short-Term Disability benefit.
  • Workers’ Compensation protection

Other Benefits

  • All employees are entitled to a ten percent discount for most bookstore purchases
  • ID card which entitles faculty or staff member free admission to many events on campus
  • Free use of the Student Recreation Center for employee, spouse and dependent children
  • Access to a credit union
  • Free parking decal (students pay parking fee)
  • Ability to purchase meals at various campus dining facilities
  • Direct deposit (required as condition of employment)


Sam (Salvador) J. Ramirez
Asst. V.P. for Human Resources and Payroll Services

Janet T. Leonard
Director of Benefits

Rita Nieves
Payroll Specialist

Pam Tornabene
Payroll Manager, Technical Advisor

Debra Brousek
Payroll Administrator

Lisa Nichols
Payroll Administrator