Department of Buildings & Grounds


(440) 826-2233, (440) 826-8551 (fax)

Campus Location

Buildings & Grounds
400 N. Rocky River Dr.
Berea, Ohio 44017-2027 

Hours of Operation

Academic Year: Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Building Standards

Please review the Baldwin Wallace Building Standards Book. All information you will need while working on a project at BW is contained in this book. Please contact Buildings and Grounds immediately if you have any questions after reviewing this information.

When submitting your proposal, you must submit the online acknowledgment form OR print the form and sign the document indicating that you have reviewed the Standards Book. By doing so, you acknowledge that your proposal is in accordance with our Standards Book.

About the Department

The Buildings & Grounds department supports the Baldwin Wallace University mission statement by providing an environment committed to quality service to students, faculty and staff in a responsive and caring manner.

The department strives to create a comfortable environment for learning and living by regulating building heating, cooling, electrical, gas and water systems and by responding to crises on campus to help protect the safety of students, staff and faculty including plumbing, heating, ice/snow, electrical and other building problems.

Buildings & Grounds creates and maintains a safe, clean and functional landscape for students, faculty and staff by:

  • Supporting outdoor events for the campus community and offering a positive first impression to visitors of our campus and community.
  • Maintaining safe walkways and parking lots through snow removal, salting and repairing any tripping hazards.
  • Continuing to make improvements that not only add to beautification but address the needs of accessibility for our handicapped students.
  • Maintaining safety programs including an MSDS Program that ensures staff, students and local emergency responders will have accurate and immediate information in the need of an emergency.



Donald J. Dubena
Interim Director
(440) 826-2229

Cindy Gornik
Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
(440) 826-2234

Dana Gaidos
Engineering Drawing Technician
(440) 826-2795

Bryan Baron
New Construction
(440) 826-2755


Mark Boyette, foreman
Todd Peterkoski
Bob Walters
Tom Dietrich
Josh Dowdy

Joe Lehman, foreman
Alan Conn
Mike Moran
Ron Kistemaker

Brian Baron, foreman
Scott Shaughnessy

Dan Edvon, foreman
Gary Holubek
Kevin Sheridan
Brent Edwards

Larry Seitz, foreman
Bob Hawley
Kim Kotora
Brandon Zander

Mark Boyette, foreman
Kevin Flaherty
Gary Jameyson
Mark Rybacki

Keith Lawson, foreman
Tony Jurcsisn
Arty McClelland
Ron Bokan Jr.
Mark Warman
Nick Dietrich
Marty Augustis
Jay Reid

Keith Lawson, foreman
Greg Smith
Jacob Kiehl

Larry Leach, foreman
Chuck Hudson
Nick Plumb

Ted Gurnick, foreman
Greg Fox
Daniel Zelenka

Kevin Augaitis, foreman
Simon Zarife