Guest Student Admission

Quick Start

Sometimes the hardest part about college is just getting started ... At Baldwin Wallace, the Quick Start Application is as easy as 1-2-3!

Get Started

  1. Meet with a Quick Start advisor in the Admission Office. Call for a personal appointment: (440) 826-2091
  2. Your advisor will review transfer credit and discuss courses.
  3. Complete your Quick Start Application and register for a course or two ... All in one meeting!

The Quick Start Application does not require official academic transcripts. No application fee is required. If you don't have official transcripts readily available, bring your student copies for an admission counselor to review. We'll give you an unofficial evaluation of transfer credit and help you select and enroll in a class or two. The Request for Verification of Enrollment Form (page 4 of application) should be completed by the Registrar at the college or university where you are currently enrolled.


  • Quick Start enrollment is intended for just one semester. Remember, this is a key that opens the door to college learning, not a long term enrollment strategy. Once enrolled as a Quick Start student, use that first semester to order official transcripts and complete the regular application process so you can continue taking courses at BW after your first semester.
  • Student-held copies of transcripts from your previous college work should be shared with a Quick Start advisor for admission assessment and to assist with course selection. If you have been placed on probation, suspension or dismissed by a college or university, that information must be disclosed for consideration by the Admission Committee.
  • Quick Start enrollment doesn't guarantee full, degree-seeking enrollment at Baldwin Wallace University. However, all courses you take as a Quick Start student become part of your BW record and may be used toward degree and certificate requirements.
  • Financial Assistance - Quick Start enrollment is considered non-degree and therefore not eligible for federal, state and college financial aid. Quick Start students may participate in BW's Tuition Reimbursement Payment Plan, which allows students who receive tuition benefits from their employer to pay their tuition at the end of the semester.

Call (440) 826-2091 or email to meet with a Quick Start Advisor.