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Student Leadership Programs

For more information on these programs or how to get involved please contact:

Kathy Petras, Assistant Director of Student Life & Involvement

Lydia Butler, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Programming

Leadership Programs - Student Life

One of the most important things you can do as a BW student is get involved on campus. Being involved is one of the best ways to enhance your overall college experience. You are able to meet new people, challenge yourself with new experiences, and develop a variety of skills that can help you succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

Student Leadership Programs at BW are purposefully designed to help you develop and enhance your leadership skills, such as communication, organizational development, conflict resolution, team building, and more! These skills can not only help you to succeed as a Baldwin Wallace Student, but also beyond BW when you graduate.  Be sure to take advantage of our programs offered throughout the year! 

TED Tuesdays

Leadership Storytellers


A student-run organization, advised by the staff members in the Student Leadership Programs Office. They develop a variety of events for all BW students.  You can get involved in these programs throughout your time at Baldwin Wallace University. Specific Programs: Emerging Leaders Retreat, Distinguished Leaders Conference, and special interest programs.

Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training




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