Residence Life


Hall Directors & Resident Assistants

The Baldwin Wallace Hall Director
The Hall Director is a member of the Student Affairs staff of Baldwin Wallace University and reports to an Area Coordinator for Residence Life. The Hall Director is responsible for implementing the basic goals of the Residence Life department by promoting individual and community development. The role of the Hall Director is composed of several components - supervisor, administrator, counselor, advisor, mediator and policy enforcer. The Hall Director works closely with his or her Resident Assistant staff and students to promote the University mission.

The Baldwin Wallace Resident  Assistant
The Resident Assistant is a member of the Residence Life staff of Baldwin Wallace University. The Resident Assistant shares the responsibility for implementing the basic goals of the Residence Life department by promoting individual and community development. The RA reports directly to the Hall Director and works closely with the Area Coordinator, Assistant Director and Director of Residence Life. The Resident Assistant role has several components - peer counselor, advisor, policy enforcer, administrator and programmer.            


South Campus Staff

Carmel Living Learning Center 
and Constitution Hall

 Justin Orashan
Hall Director

 Resident Assistants
Carmel: Sarah Cunningham, Angela Musille, Emily Mathern, Corey Dailey, Jeanette Hagerty
Constitution: Matt Cintron (Lead RA), Kallan Hinkle, Jaleel Richardson, Ashley King, Lindsay Bertram, Olivia Szadkowski, Tyler Schaffer



 Ernsthausen Hall

Matthew Garvin
Hall Director

Resident Assistants
Front: Julie Wagner (Lead RA), Leslie Shewalter, Mylonne Sullivan
Back: Morgyn Howard-Green,  Kalie Hayter, Jon Farren, Craig Wallace, Elizabeth Scozzaro



 Heritage Hall

Amber Karel
Hall Director
 Resident Assistants
  Peter Amendola (Lead RA), Jornelle Tucker, Ashley Wakut, Maddie Fortune, Patrick Hamilton,, Mike Penzo, Lawrence Wolf, Ryan Mitchell, Tim Sharp, Vanessa Jacobs, Caitlyn Toth

West Campus Staff

Beech Street Complex/21 Beech

 Alicia Monday
Hall Director

 Resident Assistants
Front: Aileen Zietlow, Jordan Gase, Brianna Carter (21 Beech Lead RA), Sydney Palermo, Tyler Bruening
Back: Amanda Feairheller, Tom Jackson, R.J. Marshall


 Kohler and Harding Halls

Amanda Groves
Hall Director

Resident Assistants
Front: John Kuder (H), Courtney DeSchepper (Harding - Lead RA)
Back: Jacob Hunter (K), Fakoya Jack-Vilmar (K)


North Campus Staff

 Lang Hall

Danielle Porter
Hall Director



Resident Assistants
Jake Finley, Sydney Stone, Sarah Biagetti, Christopher Binkley


Findley and North Halls

Brian Rolinc
Hall Director

Resident Assistants
Findley: Jon Gannon, Anthony Theil, Ronnell Rhoden, Mike Miller, Amber Hugee, Ryan Rogers, Angeleah Parey
North: Michaela Campbell, Carli Metz, Amanda Novotny, Enrique Sondakh Dorantes, Meghan Moore


Campus Apartments

Steven Brown
Hall Director

Resident Assistants
Mitch King (Lead RA), Jasmine Chappell and Laura Lagania (Lead RA)



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