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"Of the Month" (OTM) awards are how NRHH recognizes outstanding programs, staff members, students, advisors and more!  It is easy to nominate someone - you just need to write some good things about them.


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Honorary Members of NRHH are people who are not students living in residence halls, but have still been deemed as providing exceptional guidance, leadership or service to their campus's residents.  Honorary Members at BW include:

  • Michele Siverd
  • Julie Candela
  • Gerrie Paino
  • Katy Mey

National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary is an organization that recognizes leadership and contribution to the residence hall system.  Members are chosen for induction based on the leadership they provide through hall councils or Inter-Residence Hall Council, through contribution to their hall environment as a resident, their service as a resident assistant, or other means of leadership and contribution. Each institution with an NRHH chapter can have up to 1% of its on-campus population inducted as members, meaning BW may have up to 19 active inducted members at a time.

The Baldwin Wallace NRHH chapter is named in memory of Barbara H. Fortin, a former Associate Dean of Students and Associate Director of Residence Life at the institution. Dean Fortin was an administrator with a firm belief that meeting students' needs should be the first and foremost priority of the institution. She pushed for student involvement at every level of college life, and role-modeled this through her own loyal attendance at University functions. Because of her dedication to students and her contributions to student development, no greater namesake could be given to an organization that strives to recognize everything Barbara H. Fortin stood for.

Current active members and year of induction include:

  • Melissa Erikson (2010)
  • Mandy Gawne (2010)
  • Christina Rueger (2011)
  • Samantha Husted (2011)
  • Peter Amendola (2012)
  • Sha-Ray Bannister (2012)
  • Rebecca Bergh (2012)
  • Chris Binkley (2012)
  • Cory McComas (2012)
  • Julie Wagner (2012)
  • Michael Warns (2012)
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