Community Outreach

Christy Burke Walkuski
Director, Office of Community Outreach & Service-Learning
(440) 826-2301

Important Dates


March 27th-  Application Deadline (by Noon)

April 16th Noon-1pm -  Mandatory Orientation

TBD - Alternative Break Retreat


Alternative Break Leadership Team

The Alternative Break Leadership Team is comprised of the Student Director, Trip Leaders, and the OCO Director. Together, they plan the alternative break trips for the year, recruit and select student participants, and lead the various trips. The Alternative Break experience provides BW students with the opportunity to break from the norm and spend their college break serving with other students in various parts of the country. Alternative Break trips are a great way to make a difference, travel to another area, learn new skills, and meet people with similar interests.

Trip leader positions are available for Alternative Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring and Summer Breaks.
Role of the Trip Leader

Trip leaders are an integral part of the Alternative Break Leadership Team and responsibilities go beyond leading a specific trip. A year-long commitment is required. Trip leaders are responsible for the overall planning and implementation of a specific trip, which includes working with community organizations to coordinate the service experience, and leading student participants through an intense immersion experience. Other responsibilities include attending regular leadership team meetings (Thursdays at noon), assisting with participant recruitment and selection, coordinating logistics such as transportation, housing and meals, building team spirit and group cohesion, facilitating pre-trip meetings, group activities and reflection during the experience, managing conflict, and working closely with the Student Director
and the OCO Director.

In addition to the Alternative Break Program, all members of the Alternative Break Leadership Team are members of the OCO Student Leadership Team. All OCO Team members are expected to attend certain mandatory events including Fall (September) and Winter (January) retreats, monthly OCO team meetings and special events. (i.e. Saturday of Service, Gift Drive Wrapping Party, etc.). Trip Leaders are also expected to become certified to drive the BW vans. 

To apply:

Past Alternative Break experience and a minimum GPA are required.  Please complete the form below by no later than Noon on March 27th. *NOTE: All Alternative Break Trip Leaders must have participated with an Alternative Break trip previously. 

* Required information
Name: *
Student i.d. #: *
BW email address: *
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Current year at BW: *
BW or Local Address if commuter: *
Permanent Address: *
Do you have a valid driver's license? *
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Are you certified to drive the BW vans? *
Have you participated with an Alternative Break Trip before?  Yes    No  
What does service mean to you? *
Why are you interested in being a member of the OCO team? *
Which trip(s) are you interested in leading? Check all that apply:  Thanksgiving    Winter    Spring    Summer  
If you selected more than one trip, please indicate your order of preference:
Why do you want to lead an Alternative Break trip?
Have you participated in an OCO Alternative Break trip? If so, where did you go and when? Describe your favorite memory? Why was it memorable? *
Describe your experience with service related activities including those sponsored by OCO: *
What other commitments will you have next year? Please include leadership positions, organizations you belong to and employment: *
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Please check all times that you are available for a 15-20 minute interview. Please be as flexible as possible. We are unable to interview everyone during Community Hour on Tuesday. Thank you for your cooperation
Interview availability:  3/31 - 4:00pm    3/31 - 4:15pm    3/31 - 4:30pm    3/31 - 4:45pm    3/31 - 5:00pm    3/31 - 5:15pm    3/31 - 5:30pm    3/31 - 5:45pm    3/31 - 6:00pm    3/31 - 6:15pm    3/31 - 6:30pm    3/31 - 6:45pm    3/31 - 7:00pm    3/31 - 7:15pm    3/31 - 7:30pm    4/2 - 12:00pm    4/2 - 12:15pm    4/2 - 12:30pm    4/2 - 12:45pm    4/2 - 1:00pm    4/2 - 1:15pm    4/2 - 1:30pm    4/2 - 1:45pm      
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