Student Life at BW


CARE Coordinator
Health Center
(440) 826-2180

The Center for Alcohol and Related-issues Education (CARE) plans, implements and promotes educational activities to encourage the health and well-being of students. CARE also provides the resources and creates an environment where students can learn the necessary tools to take responsibility for their personal growth, development and well-being.

All CARE organizations support 0-1-3 for responsible drinking:
0 = ZERO drinks if under 21, driving, chemically dependent, on medication or pregnant.
1 = ONE drink (12 oz. beer, 4 oz. glass of wine or 1.5 oz. shot of liquor) per hour if male and over 21; for women, ONE drink every 1.5 hours if over 21 due to differences in alcohol absorption rates.
3 = No more than THREE drinks per day and/or drink no more than THREE times a week that you drink.


BW Informed Student Educators (BWise)
The mission of BWise is to educate the BW community on issues relating to sex, drugs, alcohol and other health-related issues. BWise is committed to helping the BW community develop lifelong skills through the BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education training programs.

Health Promotion Grant Board (HPGB)
The HPGB consists of student directors and students who allocate money from alcohol and drug fines to the BW community toward healthy alternatives.


Greeks Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA)
The mission of GAMMA is to educate BW students, specifically the fraternity and sorority community, on how to live and lead healthy lifestyles through informative programming, risk management standards and other means. GAMMA is responsible for planning events such as nonalcoholic socials, workshops on responsible behavior and special events that address critical issues on the BW campus.

Mid-Night Madness (MNM)
MNM is a weekly, nonalcoholic social activity held on Thursday nights. There is a new theme each week with events, free food and prizes. MNM is a great place to hang out, relax and meet other students. Events range from dodgeball to movie nights, block parties, bingo, game shows, cornhole tournaments, putt putt, volleyball and more.