Master of Accountancy: Graduate Research Assistantships

Baldwin Wallace graduate research assistantships are available for newly-admitted (2020-21) full-time MAcc students. Graduate research assistants are selected to provide BW faculty with support for their research and scholarly projects. Assistantship positions are listed below in the application and include a description that outlines clock hours and semesters worked under the award agreement.

One-quarter or one-half tuition awards are offered for the assistantship, based on the contracted hours worked. Ten hours of work are associated with one-quarter tuition award, 20 hours for one-half tuition award. Awards may only be applied to coursework that is required in the student's graduate program. Graduate research assistantships will not be awarded to students who have partnership discounts, University scholarships, or any other kind of tuition reduction arranged through BW.

Graduate assistantship responsibilities are limited to tasks that directly assist faculty members in their research and scholarly endeavors. Assistantship responsibilities might include assistance with grants, or work that supports the acquisition, analysis, or dissemination of data and subsequent knowledge.

Specific tasks vary for BW Graduate Research Assistants, but may include the following:

  • Assisting with literature searches and literature reviews
  • Collecting, coding, or otherwise entering and/or analyzing data
  • Preparing materials for the Institutional Review Board or other professional review
  • Compiling information for funding agencies and foundations
  • Configuring computer programs for data entry and analysis
  • Organizing, maintaining, and updating project websites
  • Performing administrative duties if directly related to a research project, e.g., such as support for hosting a conference

Priority review of applications will begin Thursday, April 9, and will continue until positions are filled. Questions? Contact Dr. Karen Kaye, Graduate Dean, at