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Colleague Login Request Form

BW Username:
BW ID Number:
Campus Ext:
Supervisor/Department Chair Name
(Email will be sent for approval):


Please describe the information you need access to. List Colleague screens/processes or give a general description (Faculty Advising Screens, Accounts Payable, Academic Record Inquiry, etc.) :
How does this relate to your job responsibilities?
If applicable, please list the name of the former employee in this position, or a current employee with similar access:
Have you completed the FERPA tutorial on the Registration and Records web page? (
Yes No


By completing this request, you acknowledge that you fully understand the policies of Baldwin Wallace University relating to confidentiality of student records and how these policies relate to my assigned duties, and agree to abide by these policies. You also agree to access student records (currently enrolled or former students) only for legitimate educational interest, i.e., for reasons that are required in your job assignment.



Direct any questions regarding this form to Verlyn Mol, Manager of Administrative I.S., ext 2310,

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