Counseling Services


Self-Care & Academic Success

You can increase your ability to adjust to civilian and college life by implementing these behaviors:

  • Limit your schedule to what is reasonable.   Don't overload
  • In class, take notes using a good note-taking system to keep focus and concentration sharp
  • Follow a daily schedule to keep yourself organized
  • Get involved with campus activities that interest you and become involved with fellow students:
  • Utilizing the services the College provides to increase your success:
  • Learning Center:
    Disability Services:
  • Limit exposure to things that upset you (television, news broadcasts, newspapers)
  • Get the proper amount of sleep and rest, eat a good balanced diet and establish a good physical work out routine
  • Decrease unhealthy behaviors such as use of alcohol, nicotine and illegal substances;
  • Take part in healthy, fun activities
  • Pay attention to how you react to things and learn to recognize the physical and emotional signs of stress and/or PTSD
  • Visit Counseling Services and talk with a mental health professional
  • Set reasonalbe boundaries for yourself


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