Natalie Steen

Natalie SteenMajor: BFA in acting

Favorite quote: "All discoveries come from 'I don't know'"

Biggest mistake as a first-year student? What did you learn? I committed to too many things right off the bat, which honestly wasn't a bad thing. I had just overwhelmed myself. I learned that balance is key to staying on track and reaching your goal.

How did you choose your major? I initially auditioned for music theatre here and got waitlisted and later denied. I ended up committing to another school but received a letter from Baldwin Wallace offering me a spot in the new BFA program. I knew BW was the right school for me and so is the BFA program.

What has been your best experience at BW? My first week of college. It was crazy coming to a school where I didn't know a single soul and having to truly make the decision to go out and meet people on my own. Also, getting involved in my first college production in that first week is something I will always be grateful for.

Favorite spot on campus? The lobby of Kleist is one of my favorite spots for sure. There are always people who are willing to strike up a conversation with you or help you with anything there. My other favorite spot is a little off campus at Coe Lake. Its my favorite place to go relax or clear my head.

Best piece of advice given to you? Have fun. Make friends. Do good.

One thing you want the incoming students to know as they get ready for their summer orientation experience? We are here to help you! Use us to your advantage.