Class of 2022 banner

Outstanding academics.  Beautiful campus.  Real-world experiences.  Faculty who care about students.
So many reasons to love Baldwin Wallace University.

Students in this year’s incoming class of 2022 are already showing their BW pride.
Here is why they chose BW –– in their own words.

"Every time I was there, it felt like I never left home."

"I am highly impressed with the Conservatory’s superb faculty and the amazing opportunities offered to incoming students. I’m especially excited for the year-long residency with the Cleveland Orchestra."

"BW gave me the best financial aid."

"I want to be a part of an environment that works hard, strives for creativity and contains a sense of community. When I visited BW, the campus hit home on all of those."

"Baldwin Wallace has an excellent computer science department, a tightly knit community, a supportive staff and is dedicated to getting me employed right out of college."

"The campus is gorgeous!"

"The coach and the team made me feel like BW is the right place for me. The coach seems to genuinely care about the team. I can't wait to be a part of it. AwwwwwJackets!"

"Theatre is who I am. I knew BW would be the best fit, so that I could become the best me I can be."

"As a performance major, it's a bonus to not have to compete with graduate students for performance opportunities."

"BW will give me a lifetime of memories and friendships along the way."

"I chose BW because of its tradition for excellence. Having people around me that care about my education and success was the dealmaker for me."

"The reputation of the sports management program and BW’s proximity to Cleveland will provide me with a plethora of internship opportunities with professional organizations."

"I love the way the community feels."

"The moment I first stepped on campus, I felt at home. The professors were great and kept in touch with me. They continued to send me updates, more than any other school."

"Baldwin Wallace is a great school for education majors. There are amazing opportunities for growth and leadership to reach your full potential in your major."

"I can’t imagine going anywhere else!"

"My mother attended BW for a master’s degree. I was fascinated with the campus and fell in love with the atmosphere of the school. I knew I wanted to attend BW and begin my journey of becoming a doctor."

"BW was and still is my dream school. I am so very grateful to be continuing my career path at one of the best colleges in the country for theatre."

"I never felt more at home than I did at BW."

"When I first came on campus for my audition, I was stunned by how beautiful the campus was and how kind the students were. It just made sense."

"I picked Baldwin Wallace because of its great neuroscience program."

"BW gave me the opportunity to continue to play football and get a great education. The school is just over an hour from my house, so it's not too far and not too close."

"Baldwin Wallace has a good graphic design program, which I am excited to start this fall."

"My mom graduated from BW. I used to want to go to a state university. But the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to go to a big school. At BW, I’m carrying on a legacy."

"BW has an amazing Conservatory with world-famous musicians. The environment is nurturing and I feel the musicians there all have the same dedication and drive as me. Can't wait!"

"I visited BW as a junior and fell in love with the campus and athletic facilities. I visited several colleges as a senior, but BW was always on my mind. After meeting with the football staff at BW, I knew that this was the right choice for me."

"BW provides endless opportunities!"

"I had visited BW for a field trip to examine a cadaver in an anatomy class. Not only did the class seem very interesting, but so did the university as a whole. I had heard from many that BW has wonderful science courses. I was able to get a glimpse of just that."

"The incredible opportunities available at the Conservatory of Music are not available at other schools."

"I applied to several schools that offered decent opportunities, but I chose BW because, in addition to being able to provide me with a great education, I felt a wonderful sense of community."

"Great neuroscience program, small school, playing sports, affordability."

"I really like the smaller size of the school because I feel it is perfect for building strong relationships."