Graphic of class of 2020

Outstanding academics.  Beautiful campus.  Real-world experiences.  Faculty who care about students.
So many reasons to love Baldwin Wallace University.

Students in this year’s incoming class of 2020 are already showing their BW pride.
Here is why they chose BW –– in their own words.

"I originally planned to attend a college in Georgia. However, I always found myself convincing others of why I should attend this college, not why I wanted to attend. After a visit to BW, I was truly convinced it was my dream school. BW offers something that most schools do not – tradition. This is a vital aspect I want from a school, which is why I chose BW." 

"I chose Baldwin Wallace University for the unique software engineering program with internships and high likelihood for future employment. BW has unique opportunities for learning not seen at larger schools. They also have services available for entrepreneurs and a large number of opportunities to find like-minded people."

"Baldwin Wallace was the most affordable private college for my situation."

"When I learned about the excellence of the School of Business at Baldwin Wallace, I knew this is where I needed to go. Being close to the city of Cleveland is really helpful for when I want to obtain future internship opportunities and for when I am looking for an exciting night out at the theaters or local comedy clubs. I always wanted to play soccer in college. After a couple visits with the women's varsity soccer team, I felt like they were a big family. Awww Jackets!!!"

"BW will teach me the best ways to be a music educator, with its 100% job placement statistic and stellar record. I am very excited to join the class of 2020." 

"I loved the feel of the campus and all the people I've already met. It feels more like a place to continue growing rather than a huge impersonal place to simply get a degree. I want to be a part of the close community and contribute my part." 

"I've always lived in a small town where a sense of community and support was a huge part of the way we lived. When I was deciding on where I wanted to attend college, those were two major factors that weighed in on my decision. BW demonstrates a strong sense of community and support. Not only does BW have a strong academic standing, but it offers many diverse opportunities for student involvement – such as intramural sports, service clubs and different internships. I am so excited to be a psychology major on the pre-med track. I look forward to being a part of the Honors Program and many other different opportunities BW has to offer!"

"Baldwin Wallace has one of the best music theatre programs in the country!!!"

"When I visited last year, I immediately fell in love with the campus and the fact that you can actually get to know most of the people at school. Also, the smaller class sizes are great because I was nervous about big lectures and not being able to ask questions. But at Baldwin Wallace, that's possible. I know Baldwin Wallace has a lot to offer and is the perfect place for me."

"My mom is an alumni from BW and I grew up eating in the Hive since before I could even walk! She would point out the other colleges students and tell me that I would be just like them one day. Now I finally will!"

"Baldwin Wallace was the perfect fit for me because it was just the right size and had a sense of family! It also had exactly what I wanted to double major in – theater and arts management! I could not think of any better school to be going to for the next four years!"

"Great campus, excellent baseball coaches and facility."

"Baldwin Wallace has an amazing ability to combine fields of interest and allow many students to double or even triple major in the subjects they are passionate about. I am a student who has big dreams but also has a love for math, science and the arts. Baldwin Wallace is the school that will not only teach me how to be a better theatrical technician and scientist, but also a better leader and member of my community."

"I decided to join the BW community because after one visit it already felt like I belonged there. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and everyone that I came into contact with there was so kind."

"Everyone is friendly, and they accepted me the first time I stepped on campus. Attending Baldwin Wallace gives me one of the best opportunities for life after college. I will be able to do something with my degree. Baldwin Wallace is a great place to call home. YJ4L!"

"I chose BW to play football. The tradition, winning attitude, coaches and a great "family" environment! Plus BW is close to home. I know I can be successful here. I'm not sure what I'm going to major in yet. But with all choices, I know I'll succeed in whatever direction I choose."

"From the minute I stepped on campus, I couldn't wait to make my deposit. Every person I met – from students, staff and coaches – treated me like a friend they have known for years. I felt like I belonged there and that everybody else wanted me there, too. It is incredible to go to a college where you are known as an actual person – not a number or a statistic. I chose Baldwin Wallace because it feels like a home away from home."

"BW felt like home already. It seems like it will be the best opportunity for me to become better and follow my career path after my education." 

"I choose Baldwin Wallace because the music program is amazing. I can't wait to be a part of it."

"Not too far or too close to home, not a huge school, so I know I can have one-on-one time with teachers. My older brother graduated from here and I would always say I was going to come here – and now here I am."

"Baldwin Wallace continuously checked items off of my list. It has a small tight knit community within the campus and the surrounding town. The location is ideal – being in northern Ohio as well as being close to a big city. And the research and education opportunities provided piqued my interest even more. Baldwin Wallace will give me the quality education that I desire."

"I joined BW because of the friendly atmosphere and affordability."

"I went to the fall visit day in November and instantly fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere it had. I hadn't applied to any other schools and was overjoyed when I received my acceptance letter. After reviewing my financial aid offer, I decided to pay my deposit. Everyone I've talked to about BW had only great things to say. All of the students, faculty and staff I talked to and saw were extremely kind and respectful to everyone around them. I want to be a part of this wonderful family!"

"I chose Baldwin Wallace for the beautiful campus, the smiles left and right, the small class sizes, the short journey to downtown Cleveland, and the biology program."

"I felt very attached to the faculty who were extremely welcoming and energetic. The environment in the Conservatory of Music is very positive, innovative and collaborative. Also, the music scene and arts community in Cleveland are great!" 

"As soon as I stepped onto campus for my first visit, I fell in love with BW. Everyone I encountered was so nice and helpful. I felt at home. On my private tour, I learned so much about the school and the program. I even had lunch with a professor. Everyone wanted to answer my questions and I couldn't find a single thing I disliked. Plus, the amount of scholarships and grant money I got was too good to pass up."

"Great place to continue my football career." 

"I picked Baldwin Wallace University because I loved how it felt as if I was coming into a family. I'll be playing soccer next year. Both the girls and guys teams welcomed me as if I was already a part of the program. Everyone on campus was so nice and inviting that I fell in love with it instantly."

"BW was the only school were I felt like I could actually see myself spending the next 4 years there. The only school that made me feel like I was at home the second I stepped on campus."

"Baldwin Wallace is a great family-oriented place. The campus is beautify and everyone there is so nice. You feel very welcomed and at other colleges you don't really get that feeling. I'm very excited to become a Yellow Jacket next year and continue to do what I love!"

"I decided to join BW not only for the incredible reputation its music program has, but also because of the atmosphere and the warm welcome I received from the students and staff." 

"The proximity to the Cleveland Metroparks offers great opportunities for biology and the proximity to Playhouse Square offers great opportunities for theatre – my two passions."

"I primarily chose it for it's educational benefits – smaller classes and a nicer learning environment than a huge school. I think I will be able to thrive in such an environment." 

"When I stepped onto the campus, I felt like I belonged – like it was where I was meant to be. The students all were friendly, the campus is beautiful and is within range of everything I could possibly need, and it's close to home, where I can be with my family."

"The environment, the academics, the community are all second to none. Most importantly, it felt like home. Big aspirations and plans for my next four years at BW."

"My high school and community are both very tight-knit and everyone wants to make sure everyone belongs. Baldwin Wallace has that – a quality I found was missing in the other schools I applied to. It's a place you WANT to belong to and they're ready with open arms. I want a community where I know people will have my back and I'll have theirs. BW has that. They'll have your back." 

"I picked Baldwin Wallace because it left like home. It is small and the teachers made you feel like more than a number. You were a person. I am so excited to further my education here!"

"Because when I auditioned here, something just clicked. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and the curriculum sounds like exactly what I need."

"It is home to me. The visit I attended, I got the feel I would love Baldwin Wallace. Also, it has a great Conservatory with a great voice faculty. I couldn't ask for a better college."

"I was looking for great academic opportunities for my major. I got that and so much more. I felt overly welcomed by all of the staff and instantly knew I would never be treated as a number but as a person. BW is in a great location and has so much to offer. I cannot wait to begin my journey there in August." 

"Baldwin Wallace has amazing academics, which was part of the reason I chose BW. But the biggest reason I made the decision to attend BW was the environment on campus. Everyone is incredibly friendly and you can tell the teachers really, truly care about their students. I felt right at home at BW, and that's exactly the way it should be."

"I chose BW because of its small campus, proximity to home, and its focus on the arts."

"I chose Baldwin Wallace University because the moment I stepped on to campus it felt like home. The people I talked to were very welcoming and nice to me and I appreciated the way professors, students, and the coaches treated me. The campus is beautiful, the football team is all about family, and even the food was delicious."