President Bob Helmer presents the Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award to Dr. Thomas Sutton.

The Honors Awards Ceremony recognized students with scholarships and awards, and honored faculty members for their dedication to teaching and learning.

Day of Excellence celebrates spectrum of success

April 28, 2017

OvationThe Day of Excellence is the signature event of the 10-day Ovation Festival. Held April 27, the vibrant celebration of student achievement and creativity presented the best of BW and highlighted student work from every school of the University through posters, displays, live presentations and performances.

The day concluded with a campus-wide Honors Awards Ceremony that recognized students with scholarships and awards, and honored faculty members for their dedication to teaching and learning.

2017 Ovation Winners

Faculty Recognition

Strosacker Award for Excellence in Teaching
Dr. Ven Ochaya
Associate Professor and Director of MBA in Entrepreneurship

Bechberger Award for Human Development
Ken Atchinson
Associate Professor

The Gigax Faculty Scholarship Award
Dr. Diana Barko
Associate Professor

Dr. Steven Siry

The Exemplary Teacher Award
Dr. Sungeun Kim
Associate Professor

Excellence in Community Engagement Award
Dr. Lisa Green

The Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award
Dr. Thomas Sutton
Professor and Burton Morgan Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies

Student Recognition

A. Fred Crossman Leadership Prize
Rhea Mendiratta

Alan Blumenthal Prize in Student Government
Kevin Kaufhold

Dr. Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Leadership
Madison McNeil

Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Outstanding RA
Kiara Kennelly

Barbara H. Fortin Award for Outstanding First-Year RA
Erin August & Kristen Goddard

Bonnie Raye Scholar/Athlete Award
Erin Kasper

Clyde Lamb Scholar Athlete Awards
Alex Kurtz & Madeline Russell

Kenneth F. Steingass Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Award
Cole Nieto

Outstanding Senior Woman Athlete Award
Kelly Gough

Overmyer Achievement Award
Yousef Mustafa

Will Richmond Prize in Photography
Jessica Newbacher

Student Senate Faculty Excellence Award
Dr. Tom Sutton

Student Senate Staff/Administrator Excellence Award
Jaime Yager

The Professor David Prok Humanitarian Award for Social Justice in Sex and Gender Diversity
Emma Dombrowski

Outstanding Senior Awards Class of 2017
Vanessa Adu-Gyamfi, Aziz Ahmad, Kara Carpenter, Nathan Cole, Jordan Gase, Cassidy Lowden, Nikita Martin, Morgan Rudge, Joseph Simonis & Sydney Warren

Academic Recognition

Michael Keith Dwyer Art Scholarship
Samantha Gorczyca

Dr. James M. Ruegsegger Biology Prize
Andrea Huther

Amling Investment Award
Michael Derenard

Dr. Jacob O. Kamm Award
Gwyn Dubel

Lubrizol Foundation Business Administration Award
Katherine Gilbert

Ralph M. Dunbar, Jr. Scholarship
Brian Andrews

Walter & Elaine Mueller Scholarship
Kristi Vopat

Carmel Family Business Scholarship
Allison Thompson

The Dr. Sardari L. and Sunita Arora Scholarship
Alyssa Spear

Concerto Competition Award
Camilla Yoder

Mel and Jenna Hakola Prize for Academic and Vocal Excellence
Dawna Rae Warren

Adult Senior Academic Awards
Dan Deaton, Jeffrey Raycher & Kerry Zierenberg

Pavsek Award for Excellence in Economics
Tyler Lee

Jess & Arline Petty Scholarship
Karleigh Pluta

Alice Benedict Gagen Prize in Elementary Education
Mary Gorski

Harold A. & Louise Cramer White Prize
Carmen Hernandez

Ruby Redinger Prize in English
Cassidy Lowden

A.B. & Georgianna Bonds Scholarship
Christopher Dreger

Dr. William D. and Mary Pendell Memorial Scholarship
Clara Harb & Leandra Patton

Dr. Maria Marin Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Dreger

Hower/Stover Award
Kara Carpenter & Mackenzie Nelsen

Dr. Robert H. Lechner Memorial Service Award         
Lauryn Lanzer

Lee Tressel Scholarship
Adam Hoffman

George R. Grame Award
Rachel Wilkie

Dr. Emory C. Unnewehr Award
Kyle Pellegrin

Robert and Dorothy Bell Memorial Award in International Studies
Nikita Martin

Robert and Dorothy Bell Memorial Award in Political Science
Aziz Ahmad

Dr. Delo C. Grover Award
William Lekan

William Prokasy Psychology Alumni Award
Laine Gross & Zachary Sluzala

Dr. Ernest Knautz Award
Abigail Carter-Stephanopolous

Thomas "Jake" Beyer Award
Emily Dowling

Albert Morrill Memorial Scholarship
Joslyn Materna

Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship
Andrew Henthorn & David Schwartz

John F. and Ida E. Gibler Scholarship
Neelab Abdullah & Brian Dreger