From science to national security and more, students are pursuing a research or a creative project of their own design as part of BW’s Summer Scholars program.

Summer Scholars Break New Ground in Research, Creative Studies

May 1, 2015

From science to music to national security and more, 10 students are pursuing a research or a creative project of their own design under the supervision of a faculty mentor as part of BW’s 2015 Summer Scholars program.

The 10-week program, which last year received a generous gift from John Schanz '53 in memory of his wife Joyce Evans Schanz '53, provides participants with a collaborative learning environment. The Scholars live together on campus and regularly share their research with one another through weekly meetings. This year's participants included:

Erin Bryant '17 of Oak Harbor (Ohio)
Chemistry major
Working with Dr. Lisa Ponton on Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination of Roadside Soils

Hayden DeYoung '16, of Westfield Center (Ohio)
Neuroscience/Biology major
Working with Dr. Michael Kovach on Identifying the Bacteria of the Wound Microbiome

Kristen Giesler'16, of Strongsville (Ohio)
National Security, Public Health major
Working with Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz on Exploring Gender Differences in Patterns of Recruitment and Support to Terrorist Organizations

Gregory Good '17, of Pittsburgh (Pa.)
Music Composition major
Working with Dr. Clint Needham on The Multisensory Concert Experience:  A Future for Contemporary Concert Music

Lisa Martin '16, of Medina (Ohio)
Sociology major
Working with Dr. Carol Gregory on The Utilization and Effectiveness of the Violence Prevention Program in the U.S. Marine Corps Workplace:  Content Analysis & Research Reporting

Emily Mathern '16, of Findlay (Ohio)
Biology major
Working with Dr. Natalie Barratt on The Roles of Salicylic Acid and Jasmonic Acid in Plant Tolerance of Environmental Stress

Allison Matia '17, of Medina (Ohio)
Neuroscience/Psychology major
Working with Dr. Clare Mathes on Exploring Sex Differences in Sucrose Detection in Spraque-Dawley Rats

Ruby Nowakowski '16, of Pittsburgh (Pa.)
Music Therapy major
Working with Dr. James Hirt on Compiling and Composing Guided Imagery and Music Programs for use with Psychiatric Clients in a 1:1 Setting

Zainab Suleiman '17, of Lakewood (Ohio)
Neuroscience/ Biology major
Working with Dr. Michael Kovach on Modeling the Neurological and Physiological Effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus on Adult Mice

Evan Van Orman '17, of Bellville (Ohio)
Chemistry major
Working with Dr. Carrie Davis Todd on the Devonian Conodonts in the Greater Cleveland Area