Kaylee Yuhas has recently created an instructional video series called Explorium, earning her YouTube channel hundreds of loyal subscribers.

BW Physics and Math Star Inspires STEM Careers on YouTube

March 25, 2015

BW student and academic powerhouse, Kaylee Yuhas is truly a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) superstar. Kaylee has earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average majoring in physics and mathematics and has set the bar unbelievably high by earning the highest grade point average among all physics majors. Yet, what distinguishes Kaylee as entirely exceptional is her passion for motivating young women to pursue STEM careers. 

Kaylee has recently created an instructional video series called Explorium, earning herYouTube channel hundreds of loyal subscribers. The intent of Explorium is to make science more approachable and fascinating as well as to inspire budding scientists, especially girls and young women. The video series teaches complex scientific and mathematical concepts in an accessible and entertaining way.

Included in Kaylee’s scholarly work, is original research on starspots, which she presented at the American Astronomical Society’s 225th annual meeting. 

Outside of the classroom Kaylee serves as President of The BW Problem Solving Club, is an avid reader and volunteers with the Richfield Kiwanis Club. Kaylee has also partnered with physics faculty to help teach 12-18 year old students at a problem solving summer camp and works five part time jobs to help pay for her education. She aspires to earn a Ph. D. in either astrophysics or software engineering.