Music Theatre alumna, Meg Maley '12, was cast as one of 14 houseguests and will spend three months living in the Big Brother house.

Alumna Cast on CBS Summer Reality Series, "Big Brother"

June 25, 2015

It wouldn't be summer without another season of Big Brother on CBS. This season the BW community has a reason to tune in and watch the classic reality show: Meg Maley '12.

The Music Theatre alumna was cast as one of the 14 houseguests and will spend three months living in the Big Brother house. Maley, a New Jersey native, currently lives and works in the Big Apple. According to her network bio, fellow Big Brother cast members describe her as adorable, sassy, likable and trustworthy. Her biggest fear about being on the show is being bored in the house, since she is so used to her fun and fast paced NYC lifestyle. 

The houseguests remain under constant video surveillance during their time in the house. Every week a houseguest gets evicted and the final houseguest living in the house wins a $500,000 cash prize. Maley is confident that she has what it takes to win, so we will have to watch and see! Season 17 premiered on CBS last night, with the finale anticipated for September 23. Go Meg!