Jonathan Romano's battlefield experiences inspired him to pursue an accelerated nursing degree at BW.

From Bomb Disposal to Patient Care: Iraq Veteran Pursues Nursing Career at BW

November 6, 2015

11-06-JonathanRomano-Preview It may seem like a contrast, but working in bomb disposal inspired one Iraq veteran to pivot into a new career in nursing. And Jonathan Romano found the path to patient care in BW's fast track BSN program.

Dangerous but Life Saving Work

As an Army explosive ordnance disposal technician, Romano had to be good at his job, or people could lose their lives. He had to constantly scan his surroundings for evidence of hidden explosives on both of his deployments in Iraq, telling The Plain Dealer that he used his previous experience as a photographer to give him an edge.

Keeping a camera handy, Romano was always snapping images and studying them for things that might help him on his next mission. He worked to consistently stay alert, focusing all of his energy on protecting the people around him.

Applying Military Teamwork to Patient Care

After returning home to northeast Ohio and marrying his wife, Romano began to realize that looking out for his friends while he was in the armed forces got him through the everyday hardships he experienced. He decided that he wanted to apply the care and teamwork he learned in the Army to a nursing career, where he could again help other people.

Romano says he chose Baldwin Wallace's accelerated BSN program because of it’s “professionalism.” The program allows him to earn his second bachelor's degree (his first degree was in photojournalism) in just one intense year.

"One of the things I really like so far is the teamwork, or the common goal," he told The Plain Dealer. "And there aren't too many professions outside the military where you have that camaraderie," he said.

On track to finish BW's program next August, Romano hopes to work for the VA following his graduation.