Angels In America

Performers put on a review-worthy show that left many in the audience speechless.

Students Shine in Angels In America

October 28, 2015

Angels In AmericaAccording to Rave and Pan, BW's production of Angels In America, Part l: Millennium Approaches, "shows that it ain’t just the singers who are the stars in Berea."

Several BW students showcased their talent; Molly Huey, Alex Smith, Joseph Carmelo, Joshua Smalley, Kelsey Bachrens, Nate Klingenber, Brooke Turner, and Malik Victorian all formed an exceptional cast to tell the story of a host of people including Mormons, gay men, lawyers and rabbis in New York City amidst the 1985 AIDS crisis. The actors, most of which had multiple roles, did an impressive job of portraying the complex lives the characters are forced to lead. The stage was simple, set in the round at the William Allman Theatre, the audience was able to see every aspect and angle of the play. Several set pieces were brought out onto the otherwise black stage so the audience's eyes were always directed on the performers.

Although that there were several moments that were "emotionally shattering", collaborating department chairs did a remarkable job of creating laughs throughout the show. By working together, director Scott Plate of the musical theater department, and scenic designer Jeff Herrmann of the acting/directing department, prove that the talent at BW isn't just specific to one major.