Kevin Frederick

With help from the BW Career Network, the marketing major found an internship that perfectly aligns with his major and his interests.

BW Career Network Helps Marketing Major Land Internship

July 27, 2015

Kevin Fredrick

Senior Kevin Fredrick may be spending his summer days working 8-5, but he doesn't mind.

With help from the BW Career Network (BWCN), the marketing major from Archibold, Ohio found an internship that perfectly aligns with his major and his interests. Fredrick is working at American Tank and Fabrication (AT&F), one of the world's premier metal fabricators, as a Marketing Intern. The BWCN is a web-based platform designed to connect BW students and alumni with employers for jobs and internships.

Fredrick's position keeps him busy throughout the day with a never-ending to-do list that consists of tasks like creating trend reports, maintaining the company's customer relationship software and editing press releases, articles and other publications. Fredrick also assists with internal marketing for the company.

Fredrick tells us he enjoys the variety. "My days aren't repetitive. I do a lot of different things for a lot of different departments and people. Though the workload can be a challenge, it's one that I welcome."
AT&F We invest in customer success

AT&F is a small family owned, family operated business and in the three months that Fredrick has worked there, he feels as though he has created solid relationships with his AT&F colleagues.

"I feel cared about. The people here are seriously focused on group success and it feels much more gratifying to be working with people who share in each other's successes."

Post graduation, Fredrick hopes to work for an advertising agency, doing content marketing, and he feels fortunate to have an internship that is preparing him for a future in his intended career field.