Pressuring Putin: BW Professor Weighs in for Washington Times

July 22, 2014

As the west turns up the pressure on Russia to aid the Ukraine plane crash probe and rein in separatist rebels there, BW professor Judy Krutky tells The Washington Times today that it's not clear how much influence Russian President Vladimir Putin has on the rebels.

"Since technically Russia isn't in Ukraine, the question is would sanctions impact Putin and his advisers and cause them to try and change the behavior of the separatists in eastern Ukraine who want more freedom from the Ukrainian government?," Krutky told the paper. “Putin seems to have some influence on them, but how much isn't clear. The connections between all these actors are tenuous at best."

Dr. Krutky, who heads BW's international studies program, including the national security track, also works as an adjunct scholar for RAND Corp's International Security and Policy Group.