Physics Professor Authors Problem-Solving Book for Teachers

October 10, 2014

Dr. Edwin Meyer, chair of BW's physics department, is expanding the reach of his philosophy that problem-solving is a pathway to lifelong career agility. Meyer has co-authored a new textbook for teachers, "Guide to Teaching Puzzle-Based Learning" and is now available from all major booksellers.

The book, published by textbook giant Springer, provides teaching strategies to encourage and expand the problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities of all students.

Having spent time as a corporate job recruiter in the past, Meyer believes that problem-solving is the key to success in any field and incorporates this idea into both his own courses and into the guide book: "By far the most marketable skill in the workplace today is the general ability to solve problems. That is, the ability to think creatively and intensely - about anything,"Meyer says.

At BW, in addition to his physics classes, Meyer teaches graduate and undergraduate problem-solving courses that include a timed Rubik's Cube challenge, thought-provoking puzzles and other other mental calisthenics. He also runs enrichment programs for high school students and had led workshops and seminars on problem-solving from New Jersey to Australia.

Meyer's publisher, Springer, has plans to translate the book into German and Japanese, as well.