Bach Haus Brings Contemporary Twist to Bach

September 14, 2014

Mesh Bluegrass, Broadway and The Beatles together and what do you get? Bach, of course.</>

The newest addition to BW’s traditional Bach Festival, Bach Haus is a lively coffee house-themed event being held Friday, Oct. 24, that features Bluegrass, Broadway, The Beatles and Bach.

A premiere event, Bach Haus celebrates the breadth of Johann Sebastian Bach's influence. It unites the musical artistry and inspiration of BW's acclaimed Bach Festival, the oldest collegiate Bach Festival in the nation, with contemporary genres that appeal to diverse audiences.

"Point of Entry" to the Richness of Bach

"This is an exciting time of change and growth for the Conservatory and for the Bach Festival," believes Susan Van Vorst, dean of the Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. "Bach Haus offers a new point of entry for individuals who have never before experienced the rich tradition of our Bach Festival."

A collaboration of faculty and staff creativity, Bach Haus is the latest of several innovative events being held by the Conservatory of Music. Among the many contributors to this repertoire of nouveau activities is Dirk Garner, Gigax chair for choral studies and artistic director of BW's Bach Festival.

Fresh, Artistic Fusion of Music

"Dirk's artistic leadership brings a fresh and expansive perspective to our programming, to our students and to our audiences," said Van Vorst. "We are excited by the opportunities ahead."

"It is amazing to work at a place where creativity and ideas are celebrated with cooperation, optimism and energy," emphasized Garner. "This event is something I've wanted to do for a long time—the fusion of all of this music together in one setting.

"I grew up singing musical theatre," he continued. "I have a huge collection of popular music, and folk and traditional musics have been central to my life forever. So the fusion of various genres comes naturally to me.

"Through the Bach Festival and other programs across campus, we explore the magic of great art, what it does to our brains and how it serves mankind," he noted. "The future of Bach Festival will include diverse offerings from every field celebrating human ingenuity and genius. This is just the beginning."