Neuroscience Students Present at Regional Meeting

October 8, 2013

Two BW Neuroscience students were singled out for individual research presentations at the recent Regional Neuroscience Meeting "mGluRs" (Midwest/Great Lakes Research Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience) at Wabash College in Indiana. Benjamin Brown '15 and Sean Anderson '15 individually presented their independent research; Brown's research topic was “In vivo and in vitro exposure exhibits a dose-dependent induction of ADNP in rat cortical neurons,” while Anderson reviewed his work on "The use of secondary acoustic cues to prosodic stress in vocoded speech.”

Five other students presented research during conference poster presentations. Tyler Alban '14 and Logan Sirline '14, students who were also involved in BW's 2013 Summer Scholars, summarized the research they pursued during that 10-week-long program. The students traveled with Jacqueline Morris, Director of BW's internationally recognized Neuroscience Program.