BW Professor Demystifies the Affordable Care Act

October 31, 2013

Photo of Tom Campanella giving a presentation"

"Surviving Scary Economics, what happens after the Affordable Care Act”? was the fitting Halloween week title for a talk before area health insurance professionals by Tom Campanella, director of BW's Healthcare MBA. Campanella told 40 members of the Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters Association (NEOHUA) and that the insurance brokers can reinvent themselves in the wake of Obama-care and his comments were picked up as the centerpiece of a news story on WCPN ideastream. 

"It goes back to the travel agent in regards to booking flights and trips. As the Internet expanded, all of a sudden (people asked): 'Do I need a travel agent?' So ultimately the ones that sort of evolve and find a way to provide value can be successful." 

“But you gotta reinvent yourself with open eyes as to, “Where is the value needed, where is the market? And who can I help?” and sorta package yourself appropriately.”