Making Experience Count

June 1, 2013

A new experiential learning requirement is helping BW students connect their classroom experiences to practical learning opportunities that will benefit them professionally and personally.

The requirement, which went into effect with the 2012 incoming class, is another component of BW’s commitment to preparing students for post-graduation success.

While coursework is the benchmark of a college education, practical learning experiences are key to helping graduates differentiate themselves among prospective employers and graduate schools.

The requirement asks students to participate in a minimum of 30 hours of meaningful experiential learning activities. Experiences may include internships, undergraduate research, service learning, study abroad, leadership development or other approved opportunities.

Experiential learning has always been a strong part of a BW education. Each year BW students complete thousands of hours of out-of-classroom experiences, many of which enable them to make valuable networking contacts and create impressive resumes and vitae. The requirement is another initiative by the University to help BW graduates be prepared for career and graduate school success.