BW Business Professors Weigh in on HR and Inflation

November 8, 2013

Lori K. Long headshotThe news media recently called on two professors in Baldwin Wallace's Business Division to provide expertise on HR and finance issues in the news.

Featured in a Cleveland Plain Dealer article, Dr. Lori K. Long offered her knowledge on the growing trend of employee sabbaticals in professional careers.

Sabbaticals, which are "an extended leave of absence," were viewed as an opportunity for professionals in academia to pursue their own scholarship outside of their career.

However, now that employers outside of academia are utilizing sabbaticals, Dr. Long said, "Some organizations offer sabbaticals as a component of a comprehensive work-life balance initiative."

Meanwhile, Dr. Kevin Jacques, BW's Boynton D. Murch Chair in Finance at BW, spoke to NPR's Marketplace on how inflation may affect the US economy. Although many people view inflation as a negative aspect of the economy, the government may actually promote inflation after the government shutdown.

For the national Marketplace report, Jacques, a former U.S. Treasury Department economist, said that inflation "gives businesses some room to raise the prices on their products... That gives prices on real assets the opportunity to go up, which would make, for example, consumers feel wealthier because their homes are now worth more."