BW Student Lands Internship At Dateline NBC

September 24, 2013

BW student Ronald Woodburn '15 has earned an internship at Dateline NBC in New York City this fall semester. As a Broadcasting and Mass Communications major, the opportunityis golden, for he has picked up much knowledge and real world experience in the professional broadcast network setting.

As a student from a small town, Ronald says that he never would have thought of being able to live in the biggest city in the world. Achieving this dream, with the help of BW's Explorations/StudyAbroad office, has been humbling, so he offers tips to future interns that want to find identical opportunities.

Ronald advises:

  • Apply, apply, apply
  • Get to know the company, what they do, and who the major players are
  • Be able to ramble off facts about the company like you've known them your whole life
  • If your interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions?" then ask, even if it is a minor inquiry.
  • If they don't ask that, then ask a question anyway!