BW Welcomes Largest Class in 44 Years

August 8, 2012

With a robust number of 771 freshmen – coming from 28 states and 14 countries – BW welcomed to campus the largest class in 44 years.

Among impressive statistics, 22 percent of the Class of 2017 are students of color and 43 percent are in the top 20 percent of their graduating class. Seventy-five students chose to be members of BW's Honors Program.

They bring to campus scholastic achievement, extraordinary talents and recognitions, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives. In addition, they are accomplished in leadership, service and extracurricular involvement.

Snapshot look at the Class of 2017: 

  • Countries represented include: Antigua, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, India, Romania, Guatemala, Panama, among others.

  • Nine valedictorians, 160 National Honor Society members, and six National Merit Semifinalist/Finalist/Commended.

  • Over 350 varsity athletes and 57 All-Star, All-State or All-Region in a varsity sport.

  • Sixty-nine high school marching band members and 195 music ensemble participants.

  • Forty-nine students held an executive position with their high school Student Council.

  • Over 20 individuals studied or did service abroad.

  • Twenty-eight percent did volunteer/community service.

  • Eighty-seven students have a relative who is attending or graduated from BW.

  • Thirteen percent are the first in their family to pursue a four-year degree.

  • Twenty-six percent listed math and science as a major followed by business at 17 percent, the humanities at 16 percent and Conservatory at 12 percent.

  • Michael is the most popular boy's name and Emily and Rachel are the most common names for girls.