Telfer Hall Dedication is Final Part of Expansive Science Renovation

January 1, 2010

The completion of the last piece of Baldwin Wallace University's $27 million expansion of the Thomas Family Center for Science and Innovation was celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 9, with the dedication of Art and Helen Telfer Hall.

Located on North Quad, Telfer Hall is part of the impressive Thomas Center for Science and Innovation, a four-building complex offering technologically advanced classrooms and labs for biology, chemistry, geology, neuroscience and physics. 

A three-story building designed by Burt Hill, Inc., Telfer Hall is home to biology and neuroscience. In 2009-10 it underwent a 15-month major renovation. A 9,000-square foot addition created a seamless connection between Telfer and Wilker halls. New classrooms, research labs and office space were added. The transformation makes Telfer Hall an impressive facility appealing to students seeking hands-on learning opportunities.

Fully Equipped Labs Facilitate Advanced Research
Dedicated labs for microbiology, gross anatomy, genetics, zoology, plant biology, ecology, human physiology, developmental biology and neuroscience provide students with exceptional practical learning. State-of-the-art equipment offers hands-on opportunities comparable to graduate and professional schools. 

Project Labs Foster Faculty-Student Collaborations
Specialty labs dedicated to student-faculty research offer outstanding collaborative opportunities leading to publication and presentation at scholarly conferences.  Round-the-clock access to bench space and equipment provide students with remarkable research experience at the undergraduate level.

Comprehensive Facility Offers Dynamic Study
Modern facilities equipped with specialized instruments and computer systems bridge classroom studies with practical lab experience. Insect room, greenhouse, zebrafish aquaria, plant growth chambers and outdoor native plant gardens encourage engaged learning. Pollination ecology, molecular control of animal development, human cadaver dissection and brain stimulation exercises demonstrate the impressive scope of real-world, complex studies available to students.

Expanded Neuroscience Wing Builds on Program's Success
Unifying psychology, biology and chemistry, BW's stellar neuroscience program has a graduate/medical school acceptance rate of nearly 100 percent for students seeking advanced degrees. Within the newly expanded wing are rooms dedicated to neurophysiology, fetal/neonatal testing, imaging, surgery, histology and group/independent study.

Sustainable Measures Make Telfer a Progressive Facility
Earth-friendly geothermal heating/cooling, recyclable carpeting and energy-efficient lighting and filtration systems make Telfer Hall one of several BW facilities employing sustainable measures.

Telfer Hall:  A Special Gift Bridging Past with Present
In the early 1930s Helen Rockwood '31, a biology student, was introduced to Arthur Telfer '31, a chemistry major. The "elements for a perfect bond" were there.  The couple fell in love and was married in the BW Chapel.

In gratitude to the College, the couple left a $7 million estate gift to be used for the sciences. To honor the commitment and ongoing support of the Telfers, the BW Board of Trustees voted to name the building housing biology and neuroscience Art and Helen Telfer Hall. 

The Telfer gift is the largest to Transforming Lives:  The Campaign for Baldwin Wallace University, a comprehensive effort to raise more than $82 million for campus construction and renovation, endowed support for scholarships and academic initiatives, and for annual unrestricted support.