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The ideal preparation for the dynamic business world of today and tomorrow, the Master of Business Administration program (MBA) is a systems approach designed to produce effective managers who understand the linkages between their organizational domain and the larger corporate environment. This distinctive program is directed to working middle managers from small enterprises and nonprofit organizations to Fortune 500 corporations.

Curriculum & Length

The length of the program is flexible, generally between two and four years at the student's discretion. The format includes 11 core courses, three specialty track courses and up to two foundation courses, if necessary.


The MBA in management Saturday program offers the same curriculum taught by the same faculty as the traditional evening management MBA program. Classes meet alternating Saturdays (eight Saturdays per semester), and students have the option of choosing a fixed two-year cohort program or a fixed four-year cohort program. An applied project is included in the two and four-year programs. The Saturday MBA is offered in Berea. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog. View the Saturday MBA fact sheet for program details and the Saturday MBA program schedule.


The hybrid MBA is designed for students whose work schedules or other commitments do not permit consistent weekly attendance or who live a distance from the BW campus. This program uses the same curriculum as the MBA in management, but it is delivered in a combination of online and classroom environments. This fixed two-year cohort program is designed to provide the personalization of a classroom with the flexibility of an online program. An applied project is included. Students come to campus for seven weekend sessions over the two-year period; the rest of the work is done online. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog. View the hybrid MBA fact sheet for the program schedule and details.

U.S. News & World Report ranks BW's hybrid MBA among the top programs in the nation on the basis of student engagement, selectivity, peer reputation, student services and technology. Online MBA Report ranks BW amongst the top private and faith-based online MBA programs nationally based on academic reputation, enrollment, selectivity, program quality and rigor, and value relative to tuition. 


Core courses are either two or three credits, and students generally take between three to seven credits per semester. In this evening program, the core courses run one evening per week, three hours and ten minutes duration. Three credit courses are 12 weeks in duration and two credit courses are eight weeks in duration.

Select an option that's right for you: The Baldwin Wallace MBA in management includes a three-course specialized track so that a student can personalize the program to meet his/her goals and interests.

View the evening MBA fact sheet and the 2017-2018 program schedule.

Management Track

The management track is designed from a general management perspective and is applicable across functions and industries. Coursework in this track includes financial management, project management and an elective class that can be chosen from any of the MBA tracks. This track is available in Berea and at BW at Corporate College East. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog.

Business Analytics Track

The business analytics track enhances the broad MBA curriculum with specialized training in analytical techniques that can be applied immediately to solving business problems and decision making. The student completing this track will be well equipped to tackle a range of problems in the business world. Coursework in this track includes two business analytics classes and an applied marketing analytics class. This track is available in Berea. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog.

Entrepreneurship Track

The entrepreneurship track offers interested students the opportunity to develop, nurture and pursue their passion through critical thinking and problem solving, leading to new venture creation (internal or external the corporation). Entrepreneurs, by nature, live to challenge the status quo, creating opportunities for themselves and others. Because all businesses (large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit) start with an idea, this track presents students with a framework for strategy in entrepreneurial organizations — a framework that incorporates new venture emergence, early growth, reinvigoration and innovation in established companies. The track is organized in three distinct classes covering strategy, sustainable growth, finance and biomimicry. This track is available in Berea. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog.

Human Resources Track

The human resources track provides students with fundamental managerial and leadership skills that will enable them to understand strategic and operational issues in managing human capital in organizations. The track gives participants the opportunity to study and learn with other HR professionals and to interact with managers from other business disciplines when taking courses covering key general business topics. Included is coursework related to compensation systems, employment law, and staffing and development. This track is available in Berea. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog.

International Track

The international track provides students the global perspective to understand customers, markets and financial operations. This track teaches the management skills needed to succeed in the culturally and ethnically diverse environments inherent in multinational corporations. International marketing, international finance and international logistics courses are all provided in this MBA track. Course descriptions and curriculum can be found in the University catalog.


MBA Core

BUS-501Systems Management3
BUS-509Organizational Behavior3
BUS-503Human Capital2
BUS-548Accounting for Managers3
BUS-544Financial Management2
BUS-551Strategic Marketing3
BUS-581Managerial Economics3
BUS-590Corporate Citizenship2
BUS-526Operations Analysis3
BUS-591Global Business2
BUS-670Strategic Management3

Management Track

BUS-644Financial Management II3
BUS-645Project Management3

Entrepreneurship Track

BUS-635Intro Entrepreneur Strategy3
BUS-636Entr Strategies Sustain Growth3

Human Resources Track

BUS-612Employment Law3
BUS-613Staffing & Development3

Business Analytics Track

BUS-626Business Analytics I3
BUS-628Applied Mktg Analytics3
BUS-627Business Analytics II3

International Track

BUS-630International Marketing3
BUS-650International Finance3
BUS-652International Logistics3