Gifts of Stock, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Electronic transfer of publicly traded stock is the most secure and timely delivery method.  This method of transfer requires that your bank or broker have the following information:

Custodian:  Raymond James        
DTC number:  0725
Account name:  Baldwin Wallace University Donation Account
Account number:  23823367
Tax identification number:  34-0714629   
Contact person:  Deborah Marks @ (440) 471-8444

Physical certificate delivered by you to BW requires your signature on a Stock/Bond Power and a letter of authorization in the presence of a Signature Guarantee representative.

Physical certificates mailed by you must not be signed on the back and must be mailed alone in one envelope.  The corresponding stock power must also be mailed, but in a separate envelope, so neither as legally negotiable. Both envelopes should be sent via registered mail.  The Stock Power must be signed by all certificate owners and Signature Guaranteed by an appropriate representative.  A Stock/Bond Power is provided for your convenience. 

You may also gift a partial number of shares from one physical certificate.  You will need to provide a letter of instruction to your bank/broker, stating the number of shares to be donated to BW, plus your wishes for the remainder shares.  Please include the original certificate with your written request.

Re-registration of a physical certificate is another way to donate securities to BW.  You must instruct the corporate transfer agent to re-register the certificate in the name of Baldwin Wallace University.  Please be aware that this process is lengthy and may delay your gift date.    

Corporate/Municipal Bonds are handled in the same fashion as stocks.  

A gift of Mutual Fund shares, including both stock and bond funds, require that you contact BW first, to allow us to open a fund account in the college's name to facilitate the internal transfer.  The next step for you, as the donor, is to request and complete a form provided by the Fund, instructing the Fund's transfer agent to transfer all or "x" shares to the new account in BW's name. You will need to have your signature guaranteed.      

Please notify BW of your gift intention, so we may timely acknowledge and thank you for your gift.  You may contact us via phone or email. 

Baldwin Wallace University  (440) 826-2072 
C/o Advancement Services  (888) 292-2586 Ext. 2072 
275 Eastland Road   
Berea, OH  44017  




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