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Giving Societies

Philanthropic support from alumni and friends provides BW with the resources to deliver outstanding academic programs, enhance facilities, strengthen intellectual talent, support student dreams, and create a unique BW experience. All BW Giving Societies embody John Baldwin and James Wallace’s core values of inclusivity, a strong work ethic and equal access to opportunity regardless of race, gender, or financial resources. Members of BW Giving Societies are integral to the advancement of the University and are included in the life of BW through events and programs.

Annual Recognition

Legacy Recognition

Lifetime Recognition

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    Giving Society members are invited to enjoy Baldwin Wallace’s Celebration of Philanthropy Gala. This exclusive evening of gratitude is held each spring to recognize the exceptional impact of the gifts of our most loyal donors.

ANNUAL Recognition

BW’s Annual Recognition Societies honor the committed donors who provide consistent funding to move the University forward and support our students each day. Their support enables BW to plan and invest in new initiatives, pursue opportunities, meet high priority needs, and provide day-to-day essential support.
*Gifts are calculated and must be made between July 1 – June 30 to qualify for Annual recognition.


These individuals are recognized for the purposeful impact they make on BW to pursue new opportunities. Membership includes those who make annual gifts of $25,000 or more.


These supporters are recognized as enabling BW to pursue new opportunities as they emerge. Named for the founding father of BW, John Baldwin, who envisioned a school that allowed access by many to “get good, to do good.” Membership includes those who make annual gifts of $10,000 or more.


Named for the historic sandstone grinding wheels made at John Baldwin's quarries, these supporters provide the support that keeps BW working. Membership includes donors who make annual gifts of $5,000 or more.


Named for college founder James Wallace, these individuals represent the spirit of sound business and wise investment. Membership includes donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more.


For more than 175 years, BW has provided access to a quality education regardless of gender, race, social standing or financial ability. Members of these societies ensure that the legacy of BW endures for generations to come. Through these lasting gifts, BW can plan for an extraordinary future and prepare to meet the needs of tomorrow’s students.


Recognizes those individuals who have made a life income gift or bequest provision for BW and is named for the great legacy of lasting impact from which so many will benefit. Membership includes those who have made a documented planned gift commitment of any amount to BW.


Linking past, current, and future generations, the BW endowment provides stability, encourages innovation, and allows for flexibility to help BW move forward in important ways. Membership includes those who have made a $50,000 or more contribution to establish an active endowment.

LIFETIME Recognition

BW’s Lifetime Recognition Societies honor our most impassioned donors who enable the University to forge bold paths forward, embracing change and innovating in new and transformative ways.


Founded to honor our most dedicated members, the 1845 Circle is named for the date John Baldwin established the college. Membership includes those with a lifelong mission to support BW and cumulative lifetime giving of $1,000,000 and more.


Recognizes donors whose support drives the brilliant achievements of BW. Membership includes those with $500,000 cumulative lifetime giving.


Comprised of a group of leaders who support the future vision of the University. Membership includes those with $100,000 cumulative lifetime giving.