Support students participating in our Neuroscience program, named the "International Undergraduate Program-of-the-Year" by the International Society for Neuroscience in October 2012.

Or, support students from our renowned Conservatory of Music, which boasts graduates performing on broadway and in orchestras across the nation. 

Or, help support our education majors to become future teachers of America. Whatever your choice, choose what matters most to you!

Divisional Scholars Funds

Give to What Matters Most to YOU

Would you like your Annual Gift to honor your degree, career field or child's academic division? Well, now you can!

BW recently expanded the available annual giving opportunities to include seven new divisional student aid funds, correponding with the seven academic divisions of the University. These scholar funds will be used to help students in these academic areas keep their education more affordable.

Learn more about each major and their divisions you can support through these scholars funds:


Don't have a preference? You may also elect that your contribution go to the area of greatest need for the University, also known as the BW Fund. These funds, distributed under the discretion of the University, support a wide variety of projects across campus - from student services to plant maintenance to faculty development opportunities.

Every gift makes a difference! Make yours today!



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