TeleJacket Annual Phonathon

Are you getting calls from (440) 826-xxxx? Please pick up, a current student would like to speak with you!

We look forward to:

  • Providing information regarding current events taking place on campus or regionally
  • Updating demographic information on alumni and the community
  • Inviting and inspiring you to make an impact this year

We hope that when he/she calls, you’ll pick up the phone and share your BW story!

While talking to a Telejacket, you can choose to make an immediate credit card gift, a delayed credit card payment or a pledge (to pay at a later date). If you make a pledge, we’ll send you periodic reminders throughout the year to make your gift by our fiscal year end (June 30) so that the funds may be put to immediate use for our students.

Don’t want to be called? Just let us know by contacting (440) 826-2135 or and we’ll update our records OR you can also mention it to the Telejacket student caller during your phone conversation.

To learn more about this program or our callers, visit our Telejackets on Facebook.

Students interested in applying for a Telejacket position may contact the Annual Giving office at