Baldwin Wallace will pay me, if I make a gift

by Marylou Hunter, Assistant Director for Gift Planning

Dietsch Hall on the BW campus

We’d often like to support the causes that touch our lives, but feel that our budgets are tight, that futures are uncertain and that our family’s needs take priority. What if… you could make a significant gift to BW that has tax-saving strategies, lifetime income and provides life-changing support to future BW students? Come explore with us.

These types of gift are called planned gifts.

Creatively working together with us, allows you to select a charitable gift that satisfies your desire to help BW and works successfully toward your financial goals. Here are a few strategies:

Gifts you make today

Advantages for youHow it worksGift Type
You receive income tax and capital gains tax benefits.You donate appreciated assets that you have owned longer than one year.Securities or Real Estate
You receive tax benefits during the trust period and
preserve your family’s
You give assets to a trust that pay BW income for a set number of years. Afterwards, the assets revert to you or your heirs.Charitable Lead Trust (CLT)

Gifts that pay you income

Advantages for youHow it worksGift Type
You receive tax benefits and fixed payments for life.You make a gift of cash or other assets and, in return, BW provides you with lifetime payments. Charitable Gift Annuity
You receive tax benefits and fixed or variable payments for life.After you obtain income for life from assets you placed in a trust, BW receives the remainder.Charitable Remainder Trust (CRAT or CRUT)

Gifts that benefit BW after your lifetime

Advantages for youHow it worksGift type
Through your will or living trust, you leave a gift of money, property or a percentage of your estate.You keep your assets should you need them during your lifetime, and can change or revoke your gift at any time.Bequest
This gift avoids income taxation on distributions after your lifetime. Plus, it’s revocable.You name BW as primary beneficiary of a percentage of all of your life insurance, retirement plan or IRA.Life Insurance, Retirement Plan or IRA
You avoid the hassles of selling, and you secure income tax savings now.You deed to BW your personal residence or farm now, but retain use during your lifetime.Life Estate Agreement