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Dropping A Class

Here's what may happen if you decide to drop a course...

SAFE!    If you're still enrolled at 12 credits or more, no change to your aid or tuition since you're still considered a full-time student.   

SAFE!   A drop from an enrollment total of 12 or greater credits to a new level of 6 to 11 credits will mean a lower tuition, but no change in aid eligibility. This is true once the first week of the semester has passed. Otherwise, you're classified as being enrolled for only part-time credits and therefore, charged at the part-time tuition rate.   

CAUTION!   If you're enrolled at part-time status up through the first week of the semester, then your charges will reflect part-time enrollment and not full-time enrollment. This also means that only aid which you qualify for as a part-time student can remain with you. All full-time student aid eligibility is forfeited.   

LOOK OUT, AN AID ADJUSTMENT MAY BE NECESSARY!     If you drop course credit below six credits, Uncle Sam now considers you as enrolled at less than half-time status. Grants, scholarships, work-study eligibility and loans are all affected.   

LOOK OUT AGAIN, AN AID ADJUSTMENT MAY BE COMING YOUR WAY!    All credits are dropped for the semester? The same outcome will occur as if you dropped below half-time status. All aid eligibility is affected.   

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