5 p.m. - Fawick Art Gallery, Kleist Center for Art & Drama
An exhibition of senior student portfolios from the digital media design (DMD) graphic design major. Show runs January 26-February 7.

IDENTITY: DMD Senior Graphic Design Show

January 26, 2018

Student Portfolios

  • Identity - BW Graphic Design Seniors 2018 show banner

    Show Runs January 26 - February 7

    An exhibition of student portfolios from senior digital media design (DMD) graphic design majors features works that visually and creatively communicate through print and website design.

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  • Shelby Black project

    Shelby BlackShelby Black

    "As a graphic designer, I enjoy the creative problem solving that goes into working in this field. After graduation, I plan to continue growing as a designer and to use everything I have learned at BW to be the best that I can be."


  • Kelley Gierowski project

    Kelley GierowskiKelley Gierowski

    "Being a designer has opened my eyes to a more beautiful world. Designing for others and myself as helped me see things differently, and my creativity as thrived ever since."

  • Brandi Hayes project

    Brandi HayesBrandi Hayes

    "I'm an otherworldly gal that has always loved to share her creativity through drawings, stories and now graphic design. I also enjoy the technical aspect of coding, but designing book covers is my design passion. I wish to gain more experience with book design and hope to inspire others through both mediums!"

  • Sarah King project

    Sarah KingSarah King

    "I earned my Associate of Arts from Lorain County Community College, in December 2015. I have been a student at BW since January 2016. I view graphic design as a form of problem-solving, and it is satisfying when I solve a problem for someone else in a useful and creative way."

  • Jon Lee project

    Jon LeeJon Lee

    "I have always loved creative. At an early age, I knew I wanted to create, from making my own action figures as a child to screen-printing t-shirts in high school. And now, graphic design is helping me create my future."

  • Megan Luedtke project

    Megan LuedtkeMegan Luedtke

    "My passion for art and design started at a young age and has only grown during my time here. A traveler and designer at heart, I desire to one day explore the world to discover its many facets and capture my experiences in my designs."

  • Amelia Nagle project

    Amelia NagleAmelia Nagle

    "I have a passion for photography; whether taking head shots or more artistic photos. I interned at ShurTape Industries as a graphic design intern, and I have done freelance work for DriveBytes Technology Solutions and the BW wrestling team."

  • Megan O'Connell project

    Megan O'ConnellMegan O'Connell

    "I am an eager graphic designer and photographer with experience in print and media design. Design has always been my passion, inspired by new and old ideas to create bold innovative masterpieces. With talents in the fine arts, digital media and photography, the sky's the limit on what I will design for you."

  • Amanda Parks project

    Amanda ParksAmanda Parks

    "After obtaining my associate's degree from Cuyahoga Community College, I decided that attending BW would be a smart step on my path towards becoming a graphic designer. My love for art is my inspiration for all my designs."

  • Adriana Pendolino project

    Adriana PendolinoAdriana Pendolino

    "I do a lot of photography and fine art, such as drawing and painting when I can find the time. My goal is to become a freelancer and travel the world!"

  • Kaitlin Rush project

    Kaitlin RushKaitlin Rush

    "My time at Baldwin Wallace has challenged me to develop my talents and passion for creativity and design. Gaining experience in digital design, photography and marketing classes has made me a well-rounded designer. I am looking forward to exploring a career that satisfies my love for creative design and interest in digital marketing."

  • Allison Seemann project

    Allison SeemannAllison Seemann

    "I have loved creating art since I can remember, which is why I have chosen to become a graphic designer. My skills in fine art have created a fundamental foundation that I continue to grow for every new project. I aspire to travel the world while following the path of creativity looking to learn as much as I can from those around me."

  • Connor Stanton project

    Connor StantonConnor Stanton

    "Since I was a child, I've always loved a good piece of art. I believe art helps to enable ourselves to fix what is broken in us and to help us become the people we dream of being. I hope I can play a small part in that grand tradition. I hope to create works that delight and inspire in the fields of digital media and fine art."

  • Katelyn Weber project

    Katelyn WeberKatelyn Weber

    "My interest in art began at a very young age, as I have always loved exploring my creativity. BW has allowed me to have an outlet for my passion, and I hope to continue this throughout my career as a designer."

  • Zackary Williams project

    Zackary WilliamsZackary Williams

    "As an upcoming graphic designer and currently a home health aide, my goal is to help the public in a more colorful and creative way that only graphic design can provide!"